There is absolutely no doubt that Malaysia is among the most beautiful countries you can ever reside in. Besides that, the country is among the highly developed in terms of education and technology. In this regard, you could be there wondering if it is possible to secure scholarship in any of the universities in Malaysia. The truth is that there are so many institutions that give room for scholarships for both local and international students. It is just a matter of sending your application and you could have the chance to study in Malaysia without paying a dime for tuition fee.

Here are 10 universities in Malaysia that do not charge for tuition. You could get yourself scholarships here:

  1. Sunway College Johor Bahru

The university admits students in several intakes annually. Among the students that get the chance of studying here are in full scholarship. The university gives room for financial assistance to students who may not have the capacity to pay the hefty school fees. You can also be among the beneficiaries. You should submit your application and enjoy free tuition in this college. Get more info and admission procedure from their website here

2. University of Reading Malaysia

Its popularity is based on the great effort that the administration gives in providing top notch education. If you are in search of a university in Malaysia whose performance cannot be doubted, then this should be your choice. The best thing is that you can get scholarship here and take your tuition for free. Get more info and admission update from their website here

3. Asia Pacific University of technology and Innovation

It is one of the few universities that offer courses in respect of technology and innovation. In this regard, you might want to consider applying for a slot here. The university has room for both international and local students. Scholarships are also among the available packages that the university offers. You have the chance to apply for free tuition scholarship here and enjoy the quality of education at the university. Get more info from there website here

4. University of Tunku Abdul Rahman

The university has a very simple and friendly criterion used in offering scholarships. Quite a large number of students in the world have already enjoyed scholarships here. Even today, the university still grants scholarships to interested parties. Sending your application will definitely expose you to the best chance of studying in the university without paying tuition fees. Get more info from their website here

5. International Medical University

The institution is known to offer the best courses in the medical field. If you have been aspiring to take medicine as your future career, then this is the university to consider in Malaysia. The institution holds the record of offering its services not only locally but internationally as well. Above all, the institution provides scholarships to the most deserving students. You could be among the fortunate one to get scholarships here. Sending your application could be the unlocking move to make your dream of studying in Malaysia true. Get more info from their website here

6. Limkokwing University of Creative technology

Perhaps you have always wanted to take a course that combines both technology and creativity. If that is the case, then this is the university for you. It comes as the only university in Malaysia that offers courses in that line. The best part is that you can take your lessons here without paying anything for tuition. This is under their scholarship plan for both local and international students. Get more info from their website here

7. Monash University of Malaysia

Its diversity in terms of culture and education is the main reason why it is valued as one of the best universities in Malaysia. Here, students are at liberty to choose from a wide range of courses. Those with no ability to fund their tuition can as well enjoy services here free of charge. Get more info from their website here


8. Swinburne University of Technology

To be precise, Sarawak Campus is the one known to offer scholarships. Any beneficiary of the scholarships offered here enjoys the privilege of not paying tuition fee. In some cases, other payments are waived as well. This means that you can study for free here as long as you qualify for scholarship. Visit their website here for more info.

9. INTI International University and Colleges

The institution operates a number of branches across Malaysia. If you wish to study here, you can do so under scholarship. The institution gives room for scholarships, particularly for students who are really deserving. There are over 71 courses offered here. Get more info from their website

10. Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur

It is among the few universities that offer courses in regards to infrastructure development. The university has over 64 courses offered hence you are the one to make a choice. Full and partial scholarships are available here. Visit their website here for more info.

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