May be you have tried your level best to be a successful person, but still something feels missing. You have been trying for long but you aren’t able to achieve your desired goal. Everyone makes mistakes, but only those who learn from them can achieve success. Life and business take some learning. Successful individuals have already made their mistakes and learned their lessons. Based on their experiences, here are 11 things which successful people never do again.

1. Never Return to What Hasn’t Worked

Do not dwell on the past – some things can’t be fixed. This kind of approach places your business and relations – both professional and personal – at risk for failure. You should never go back to the same thing expecting different results without changing something. The only way to avoid this mistake is to forget and, once the lesson learned, move on.

2. Never Try to Change Another Person

Changing a person is an impossible goal. Moreover, even if it was possible, it’s still doubtful if it would be worth the effort. The sooner you accept this, the better it is for you. It is better to give someone space and allow them to experience the consequences rather than to force a person to change.

3. Never Believe That You Can Please Everyone (All at Once)

Making this mistake can result in serious frustration. Do not lose your faith in people! No matter how much effort you put into your work, you can never satisfy everybody. It is better to please individuals who can help you develop your business.

4. Never Do Anything that Requires You to Be Someone Else

If you want to become a successful individual you have to ask yourself, “Why am I doing this? Am I suited for it? Does it fit me? Is it proper?” If the answer to any of these questions is yes, you already have an excellent reason to proceed. If the answer is no, you should take some time to rethink your strategy. There may be another way.

5. Never Trust Something that Appears Flawless

We love things and individuals who seem to be perfect. It is typical. There’s great value to be found in well-prepared employees, friends who have a stellar character or unusual hobbies, and companies with high profit. But when someone or something looks too good, we have to be careful. The world isn’t perfect; thus, whatever appears to be will sooner or later reveal its flaws. It is better to analyze things before they can negatively surprise you.

6. Never Choose Short-term Comfort over Long-term Benefit

It is not easy to reach your long-term goals. Therefore, when starting out, it is advisable to pursue long-term benefits than to choose short-term comforts. Successful people know that this demanding (and, sometimes, painful) process is worth it because they understand it will bear more fruit in the future.

7. Never Take Their Eyes Off the Big Picture

You should always remember that success is only the final step of a multi-step process. If one of these steps happen to be harder, more painful, or otherwise demanding, remember that it’s not the final one. Everything takes time; the road to success is long and sometimes a bumpy one. Stick to this rule – never lose sight of the big picture, and you’ll be a winner.

8. Never Forget to Do More Rather than Less

If you wish to succeed, being superficial is unadvisable. Diligence, foresightedness, and care will always help you achieve success. In contrast, laziness, slothfulness, and indolence can stall your progress indefinitely. If there’s anything or more you can do, do it. Hard work will pay off!

9. Never Shy Away from Asking Yourself “Why am I here?”

Successful people keep asking themselves: “What part am I playing in this situation? What am I doing here? Will it suit my purpose? How will I profit from this situation?” In other words, they see things in different perspectives. The more effort you put into this analysis, the better understanding of the situation you’ll gain.

10. They don’t arrive late and never let anybody down

The remarkably successful people know the importance of time. They have schedule for everything. They don’t overwork and they never under-work. They keep work-life balance in a very smart way. This habit of being punctual improves their attitude towards their goals and life. Also, by doing exactly what they should be doing, things remain under their fine control.

11. They don’t waste their time watching TV

I have talked to many successful people like Seth Godin, James Altucher and the likes. They told me that they hate watching TV, because this kills a lot of their valuable time. This is the only reason why successful people are prolific in their work.

Instead of wasting your time over watching TV do something productive. Allocate that portion of your time for learning something new or just by reading something which will help you in getting closer to your goals.

See, if you are always late in doing what really matters, for your career, family or life. Make a schedule, every night before going to bed and when you wake up next day, act on it.

Nobody is perfect. Even experienced entrepreneurs make mistakes. What they do better than others is they identify the patterns that are causing these mistakes, so that they never repeat them again. Ideally, to become a successful individual, it is imperative to stay positive and be happy.

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