3)the author,femi Osofisan employs various techniques to portrany the dramatic effects of the play”women of owu”.

First the language of the play is simple and easy to understand.

It portrays riddles,dancer in connection with the traditional background and its themes reflect the sorrowful and emotional moods of the play.

Yoruba traditional belief is enhanced by the appearance of deities like lawuni, Anlugbua and so on.

These belief are in consonance with the presence of goods in the affairs of men and communities and any attempt to discountenance them usually result in tragedies.

Then riddles,idioms and proverbs replete the story and through lawuni’s account,information are presented clerly to give the reader insight into the destrution.

: 5.) Captain bluntschly and major Daranoff are soldiers with the former,a Swiss mercenary who fought on the side of the Serbs during the serbian-Bulgaria war and the later a Russian.

Bluntchli abandoned a comfortable life in his father’s business to become a mercenary.

Though he claimed that he carries chocolates instead of ammunition,he is a soldier to the core.

(1.) Mr okadu is one of the characters used by king Kobing Sekyi in his book tittled ‘The blinkards’.

Mr Okandu engages miss Tsiba in an english fashion.He offers to work for lawyer onyindze without pay for him to teach him english education.

He is among those that made the white men.He arrested Mrs Tsiba and charges her to court for breaking their marriage.

He was admired bt Miss Tsiba,who wants to approach him. He accused miss Tsiba of committing bigamy and layer onyindze helps out in the court.

10. D poem”a boy on a swing”dwells on a boy who sit on a swing attempting to advance himself forward but often returns to his starting point becos of d predicament he faced in d apartheid enclave.

D poem is pre-occupied wit d evils of d apartheid dat bedevilled every facet of d society esp d boy being clad in d blue shirt dat typified inhibitn, shattered hope&a loss of focus&disorderliness.

D poem represents d evil inherent in d apartheid enclave dats why he desires to know his natal home or origin becos he faced dilemma&his inalienable right&freedom were denied to d extent dat he was denied d privilege to put on long trousers.

Hence, d boy has been eluded&demands d reasons 4 his nakedness&improper cladding. D evil of d apartheid enclave has.

(11)boy on a swing has both physical and temporal settings. The physical settings of the poem is south Africa, a formal british colony, specifically, the boy is on a swing in aparticular location in this society.

South Africa is a multi-racial society comprising both black and white populace. The minority whites actually dehumanized the blacks, who are the original owners of the land.

The blacks are treated as slaves, they are not to stay in the cities and if they do they have to possess indentification card or visa which must be renewed from time to time.

That is why the poet wrote”the boy on a swing”, somebody that is being treated as an alien on his own land.

(4) the humanization of the Gods. The gods are supposed to be spirits and they are supposed to be spirits, and they are supposed to be invincible. But because of the importance attached to them by Africans, the role they are thought to play in human life, the playwright brings them down as it were. He humanizes them by leeting us see us see them in action and putting words into their mouth which represents the kind of discussion they could hold on the kind of things they could say. Thus, anhigbua appears as an ignorant old man who does not know that every male citizens have been exterminated by the allied forces

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