7a) Uses of vegetation. (i)provision of hard wood which is the source of timber used for building furniture and other construction activities.

(ii)hunting of wild animals

(iii)rainforests serves as tourist attraction centre.

(7b) Cutting of trees for timber.

(7bii) Bush clearing for grazing purposes

(7biii) The using of leaves of plants to feed livestock or other purposes.

7ci)legislation against indiscriminate felling of trees.

(ii)development of other sources of fuel e.g. Gas and kerosine.

(iii)public awareness campaign on the effects of deforestation.

(8a)Environmental intervention refers to the forces of nature and the activities of man that change the natural existence of the components of the ecosystem.

(8bi)deforestation (ii)pollution (iii)mining (iv)urbanization

(8ci)deforestation causes increased run-off and flooding.

(8cii) pollution:oil spillage and water pollution alters the type of plant that can grow in an area.

3ai)temperature.ii)thermometer. iii)rainfall. iv)rain gauge. (v)wind. vi)anemometer.

3bi)human settlements (ii)vegetation (iii)health.

3ci)latitude:latitude refers to the location of a place on the earth’s surface in relation to the equator:tropical latitudes;where the sum’s latitude is always high have hotter temperature than lower latitudes where the sun’s latitude is generally low.

3ci) Ocean current: this can affect the climate of adjacent coast land cold currents results in the formation of coastal deserts e.g khalahari desert, because of cold benguella current, sahara desert because of cold canaries current.

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