Making up your mind on the university you want to attend is quite difficult. Some people already have their minds set somewhere, maybe because their parents went there, or older siblings or for some other reason.

However, there are certain things to consider when picking universities.

The course you want to study; does the university offers that course? If yes, is the faculty strong? It is common knowledge that some universities are stronger in some courses. There are the universities, who are gurus in Administration, but their Faculty of Education is shaky or the one whose social science is perfect but Law faculty is terrible. Ask questions and be sure. If the answers to the above questions are yes, are the courses accredited? Sadly, this is something you must look out for in Nigeria. Some universities admit students into faculties that lack accreditation. Next thing you will find yourself out of school and still waiting for the accreditation of your department.

Another vital thing to look out for is the internal structure of the school. Is the school settled? Are they having internal strife? It would be very sad to go to a university that goes on strike every semester.

There is also distance from home. In your personal preference, would you like to school far away from home or close by? This is something you must keep in mind while deciding on which school to attend.

Furthermore, you also have to consider the type of school: is it a missionary or ran by a Muslim or Christian. If you are ready to go to a school run by a Christian or Muslim, be ready to abide by their rules and regulations. It is not sensible to go to such university if you cannot abide by their rules and regulations. You will only end up sad, frustrated and always trying to rebel

This artcle was sent to by Osabo a 200L student of English Education at NSUK

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