Personally I feel this is the most dangerous of all. I am in my mid 20s already and I know I am way behind in my dreams. This reason is worse than the first one because once someone who is afraid to fail understands who she is and know her potentials, she is ready to hit the world. But someone who feels there is still time to lounge and play XBOX or watch Africa Magic is a potential hazard to himself and the world in general. I have had the opportunity to learn from a lot of people over 40. Both rich and poor, male and female all had a similar regret amongst many, they regret the time wasted. I am not old yet but I know it will be sweeter to become rich as a youth than to struggle to build your business with a family.


Please do not wait for ur parents or the society to provide everything for you. A life that people do things for u, a life where you are still treated like a 5 yr old, a life where u provide nothing and get everything; most youths are still like I was. And we are so smart to know that once we start doing things about our life, our parents will begin to cut off some privileges and freebies so instead we sit at home and blame APC, PDP and even Obama that there are no jobs. And thats why if we are not careful, by age 30, a high percentage of the people we finished school with will still be living with their parents; and depending on them to do everything for them. But the bitter truth is that a day will come when u will have to move out. So why not just move out now and move out on your own terms. I am not saying you should pack out of your parent’s house this minute but start out by finding something productive to put your hands into so as to be able to take responsibilities for some things in the house. And sooner or later, life will begin to trust you with bigger responsibilities and results


The truth is the truth regardless…… Youth corper members marching into unemployment and uncertainties. Millions of jobs being lost globally. Take home questions for the youth out there.
1.Am i ready to decide? By: (Alan Nelson and Gene Appel)
2. Am i ready to change? By: (Aubery Malphuis)
3. Restructing to grow By: (Gordon MacDonald)
4.The Angst of Change.
The secret of getting ahead is getting started. We know what we are but we don’t know where we may be. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life. It’s a job that has never started that takes the longest time to finish. What you get by achieving your goal is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.

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