1)the concept of social justice means

(a)fairness to all citizen

(b)freedom for every citizens

(c)equality of citizens

(d)security for all citizens—-

(2)residual powers under the Nigerian independence constitution were the powers excised by

(a) the federal government

(b)the regional government

(c)local governments

(d)both local and regional government—

(3)local government reforms were carried by the military government in





(4)the head of the Nigerian mission of common wealth of nations is

(a)an Ambassador

(b)a Consular

(c)the minister of external affairs

(d)a high commissioner—

(5)equality before the law implies that

(a)the law does not respect the people

(b)everybody can what he likes

(c)there is inequality between the excecutive and the citizens

(d) non of the above

6)which of the following is a false description of the first prime miister

(a)was first among equals

(b)presided over the cabinets

(c)was head of government

(d)exercised there prerogative of mercy.

(7)the act of inflencing voter through material gift is known as—

(a) favoritism

(b)electoral malpractice



( 8)the first country the U.S president barack obama will visit in Africa in 2009



(c)South Africa


(9)which of the following best described the subject matter of Government



(c)political party

(d)political power.

(10)which of the following is not an objectivein foreign policy.


(b)large population

(c)territorial integrity


(11)in the absence of traditional rules in the igbo communities the british colonial Administration approved the


(b)paramount Chief


(d)warrant chief.

(12)which of the following is the duty of the civil servant.

(a) loyalty to the government

(b)public association with political party

(c)advising on policy formulation

(d)not being partisan..

(13)which of the following statement is correct about proportional representation?

(a)it makes the assembly representative of all citizens

(b)is simple to oprate

(c)preserve the two party system

(d)gives the parties seals in relation to their popular support.

(14)the National council of Nigeria and the xamera(NCNC)was formed in





(15)the first agent of political socialization is


(b)mass media





Mood disorders are alarmingly common. It is estimated, for example, that more than 330million people worldwide suffer from serious depression, condition characterized by overwhelming sadness and a loss of pleasure in everyday activities.

It has been estimated that in 20years, depression will be outranked only by cardiovascular disease.

Little wonder that it has been called ”the common cold of mental illness”.

In recent years, bipolar disorder has received greater public attention.

Traits of this illness include severe mood swings that vacillate between depression ad mania.

‘during the depressed phase’, says a recent book published by the American Medical Association, ”you may be haunted by the thought of suicide.

During the manic phase of your illness, your good judgement may evaporate and you may not be able to see the harm of your action”.

Bipolar disorder may affect 2percent of the population in the United State, meaning that there are millions of sufferers in that country alone.

Sheer numbers, can not describe the tormenting experience of living with a mood disorder.


1. What is bipolar?

(a)depression of the mind

(b) cardiovascular disease

(c) maniac experience

(d)depression cum mania.

2. In years to come, which disease will top the chart of disease?


(b) mania

(c) bipolar

(d) heart- related disease.

3. Why is depression juxtapose with common cold?

(a)it has symptoms of common cold

(b) it is precipitated by common cold

(c)the concomitant effect of common cold is depression

(d)as common cold is to people, so is depression.

4. Mania affects what percentage of US population?


(b) about two

(c)about one.d. Ninety-eight.


Choose the phrase that best completes each of the following sentences (34-38)

34. When John finished reading……………. of the book, he lost interest

(a) the three first chapters

(b) the chapters first three

(c) the first three chapters

(d) the three chapters first

35. He bought………………………………

(a) an expensive, green, very, Americansaloon car

(b) an expensive, very green, American saloon car

(c) a very green, expensive, saloon American car

(d) a very expensive, American, green saloon car

36. As things are now, I have to look for …………… tire

(a) a cheap, second-hand, rubber (b) a cheap, rubber, second-hand

(c) a rubber, cheap, second-hand

(d) a second-hand, rubber cheap

37. Three weeks after …………….. the village had not recovered from the frightening experience

(a) another police surprise raid

(b) another surprise police raid

(c) police surprise another raid

(d) another raid police surprise

38. Kemi is not ……………… as her brother

(a) a such good writer

(b) such good writer

(c) as good as writer

(d) as good a writer


Standard English refers to the authoritative and correct usage of the language, the medium of expression for government and education.

Its opposite is a dialectical variant of the language, that is, accepted and recognized words, expressions and structures peculiar to a smaller group of geographical region.

For example, Nigerian, American, Irish and British English differ from one another in many respects and each is identifiable, yet in every case the standard variety approaches a single and hypothetical classification known as international English. As one moves towards informality and away from the observance of strict rules, emphasis falls on thedifferences between dialects.

In addition to American English being distinguishable from British English, it is also true that British English is not uniform within the United Kingdom.

The level of formality is determined by education and aspiration, while dialects vary from region to region.

39. The author refers to Standard English as

(a) a dialectical variant of language

(b) an authoritative style of usage

(c) the orthodox and accurate usage of language

(d) the accepted and recognized words, expressions and structures, peculiar toa similar group of language users

40. One characteristic of a dialect as mentioned in the passage is

(a) informality

(b) possession of various forms

(c) distinction from British English

(d) restricted area of usage

41. According to the author, Nigerians American, Irish and British English can be regarded as

(a) registers

(b) standards

(c) styles

(d) languages

42. According to the passage, the international English is

(a) a kind of arbitrary classification

(b) an imaginary classification

(c) an informal standard

(d) a recognized formal standard

43. The observance of a strict rule is a feature of

(a) formality

(b) dialects

(c) languages

(d) unconventionality

In questions 44 to 49 choose the option nearest in meaning to the word(s) or phrase(s) in italics

44. Ngozi and Ekaete were fast friends when we were in the secondary school

(a) friends who run very quickly together

(b) friends who go without food for a long time together

(c) friends who were not easily separated from each other

(d) friends who spend too much time and energy on pleasure and excitement

45. My son has just been rusticated from the university.

(a) sent home to get his fees

(b) sent home for misconduct

(c) sent home to rest for some time

(d) sent home to become rustic

46. The policemen looked at the face of the robber and saw tell-tale signs of a dyed- in-the wool convict

(a) hardened

(b) remorseless

(c) heady

(d) hardhearted

47.”Marcus bears watching”, remarked Emperor Nero

(a) dispose the can of refuse (b) accept responsibilities (c) be made one of the scape-goats (d) bear the brunt

48. The senator had the habit of setting the cast among the pigeons whenever matters concerning his constituency came up for a debate

(a) monopolizing the decisions (b) illuminating issues that are not clear (c) making frequent interruptions in the nature of points correction (d) introducing elements of controversy and confusion

49. The urban environment tends to form the nucleus of a common dialect

(a) setting (b) repository (c) cell (d) core

In each of questions 50 to 54, choose the word(s) or phrase(s) which best fill(s) the gap(s)

50. The sea waves continue to…………. the cliff on the west coast constantly

(a) impair (b) rub (c) knock (d) erode

51. The chief priest will………….the men into the cult today

(a) indoctrinate (b) usher (c) convert (d) initiate

52. The girl that my brother introduced to us last week is pretty ………..ill-mannered

(a) and (b) but also (c) as well as (d) but

53. The police report was…………… to that of the eye witness

(a) contrary (b) inconsistent (c) different (d) congruent

54. If I had been told of the matter earlier, I …….so late

(a) would not go (b) will not have gone (c) should not go (d) would not have gone

In question 55 to 59, choose the option nearest in meaning to the emboldened

55. The story has to be taken with a grain of salt. This means that

(a) you need to some salt to listen to the story (b) there is no salt in the story (c) the story is questionable (d) the story is true (e) there is too much salt in the story

56. It is usually hard to change the course of action when one crosses the Rubicon. The underlined expression as used in the context means

(a) passed through the place called Rubicon (b) crossed a bridge called Rubicon (c) pass a special test (d) cross a river called Rubicon (e) be irrevocably committed

57. The salesman tried to pull the wool over my eyes. This implies that the salesman tried to

(a) force me to buy his goods (b) offer me cotton wool (c) make me buy his wool (d) dupe me (e) cover my eyes with wool

58. Ijeaoma counted her chickens before they were hatched. This implies that Ijeoma

(a) regarded each egg as a chicken (b) hatched the eggs prematurely (c) assumed that her expectations had already been realized (d) protected her eggs from breaking (e) insured the eggs

59. Solo has resigned his job with the Textile Mill.

He doesn’t seem to worry about getting another job.

His plans are still quite in the air.

This implies that his plans are

(a) airmailed (b) airtight (c) uncertain (d) certain (e) airborne

In questions 60 to 63, choose the expression which best completes each sentence

60. After the initial confusion, the Manager’s suggestion brought …………….to the depressed investors

(a) a glitter of hope (b) a glimmer of hope (c) a sparkle of hope (d) a raise of hope (e) a shower of hope

61. The farmer has bought the insecticide because he was bent on …………the insect in his farm.

(a) exterminating (b) estimating (c) extenuating (d) extinguishing (e) exemplifying

62. The young lady decided to………….

(a) do away with the many advice given her by relatives

(b) reject all the advices given by her relatives

(c) reject all the advice given by her relations

(d) take to all the advices given by her relations

(e) eject all the advice given by her relatives

63. The ministers found it very difficult to get …………

(a) through with each other in the cabinet (b) by with one another (c) off from each other (d) through with one another (e) on with each other From the list of words lettered A to E,

choose the word/group of words that is most nearly opposite in meaning of the following

64. Purchased

(a) destroyed (b) bought (c) sold (d) lent (e) took

65. Encouraged

(a) financed (b) warned (c) dissuaded (d) persuaded (e) helped

66. Customary

(a) illegal (b) impolite (c) unusual (d) ^ (e) pointless

67. Kindle

(a) kill (b) switched (c) extinguish (d) destroy (e) ignite


34. Answer = C

The question is about place ordering, the sequential order of adjectives

35. Answer = C

36. Answer = A

37. Answer = A

38. Answer = D

39. Answer = B

40. Answer = B

“…words, expressions and structures peculiar to a smaller group of language users … for example; Nigerians, Americans, Irish and British English differ…”(possession of different forms).

41. Answer = C

42. Answer = D

“…moves towards informality and away from the observance of strict rules…”

43. Answer = A

44. Answer = C

This is an idiomatic expression meaning bosom, close friends.

45. Answer = B

Rustication is usually associated with punishment meted to a student for misconduct

46. Answer = A

Hardened means; deeply involved and unrepentant

47. Answer = B

However, bear is a polysemous word that has many meanings and in the sense of its use in thiscontext, it means deserves/is suitable for.

48. Answer = D

This is idiomatic

49.Answer = D

Core means center, as does nucleus

50. Answer = D

51. Answer = D

The question is from collocation,the company that certain words keep

52. Answer = D

53. Answer = A

54. Answer = D

55. Answer = C

It’s from idioms

56. Answer = E

Also from of idioms

57. Answer = D

58. Answer = C

59. Answer = C

60. Answer = B

This is a collocation question: how word is it.

Glimmer is a rising light and is used often with hope

61. Answer = A

62. Answer = C

63. Answer = E

64. Answer = C

65. Answer = C

66. Answer = C

67. Answer = C

More questions and answers at the break….

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