Sir, congratulations once more on your election as the number one student of the great Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka (UNIZIK). When I heard the news of your election, I was not only happy because you have been my good friend but I was impressed because for such office to be occupied by an undergraduate of the department of political science means that the interest of the students and the goodwill of the university will always be promoted.

However sir, I will be a bad friend if I fail to tell you the truth no matter how bitter it may be. I decided to make this letter public because you always prefer to make your mind and intentions public. Also I see it as a necessity to allow the public to read this because I have observed that you have numerous E-Supporters and praise singers so through this medium, they will also understand some facts which will enable them to advise you properly. I also decided to publish this now because I see it as a necessity to always hear from both sides of an argument before making a stand because that will will give me enough facts to either praise or criticise any of the parties involved.

Sir, I came across a letter signed by you and dated 4th May 2015 in which you accused the vice chancellor of the university Prof. Joseph Eberendu Ahaneku of exploiting prospective candidates and students of the university. I was very glad when I saw the questions you raised in the letter but after examining the reactions of the university over them, I observed that you committed fatal abuse of protocol in the process. You should have waited for the university to either reply or dismiss your letter without reason(s) before rushing to the media to raise alarm. Raising alarm through the media without giving the university time to either respond respond to the letter or turn it down only proved the point that you deliberately want to blackmail the vice chancellor and the university in order to gain some cheap popularity.

Also sir, it is very necessary to begin the change campaign in the union before extending it to the university community because charity they say begins at home. The SUG of UNIZIK has always been in the news for negative reasons in the past three years. It is expected that your first agenda should be cleaning up the union and making it maximally free from all corrupt practices which will certainly transform it to a true students’ union. It was also expected that you will champion a unity campaign within the union. Sadly enough, few days after your inauguration, your fellow elected officials started complaining about high handedness from your office and turning the SUG into a one-man business.

The Students’ Representatives Council (SRC) which is the legislative arm of union had also accused you severally of sidelining the elected executive members of the union, making appointments and implementing some decisions made without its approval which are against the provisions of the union’s constitution. An accusation of collecting millions of naira from politicians and individuals in the name of UNIZIK students without accounting for those money was also levelled against you.

Sir, in order to achieve a successful leadership, you must endeavor to promote mutual relationship within the union. Always note that you were elected alongside other officials to promote the interests of students and goodwill of the university. By your election, you were expected to be a democrat and not a dictator. Always, work with your fellow executives and never neglect any of the executive offices. You can only achieve a mutual relationship with them by been transparent and a protector of the SUG constitution.

Also sir, it is very important that you issue an immediate apology to the students through the SRC for working outside the provisions of the SUG constitution. After that, always consult the constitution before making any decision. Also endeavor to explain to the SRC how much you have collected from politicians or any body (if any) in the name of UNIZIK students and what those funds were used for. Kindly note that failure to do so is enough for the SRC to commence your impeachment process. Failure to account for any fund you received in the name of students will also amount to diversion of public funds which is a typical corruption case that the incoming Buhari’s administration has always vowed to fight.

May God forbid a political science undergraduate to be the first impeached SUG President in the university. This will tarnish your image and that of the department which may lead to a situation whereby you will be the last SUG President to come from Political Science department in the university.

Moreover sir, never be deceived by unnecessary praises. Those people singing your name like a hymn will never be with you when things turn against you due to maladministration. Focus on your obligations to the students and never be deceived by selfish individuals who will always like to hijack your administration which will certainly lead to its downfall. Remain Law abiding and always be a good disciple of the department of political science. Let accountability and transparency be your watchword.

May God grant you the wisdom to lead Zikites.

Thank you.

This article was sent to by By Chukwuemerie Uduchukwu

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