BY KEMI OMOLOLU-OLUNLOYO OPEN LETTER TO EVERY UNIVERSITY STUDENT IN NIGERIA: If you are a Nigerian University student today in this country, you are a CERTIFIED Mumu and Moronic lazy dumbass. It is because of you that your lecturers can form illegal unions and associations they name ASUU and take away your livelihood.

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It is because of you that they can be negotiating billions from a dumbass President who used to be a lecturer himself before he became a commissioner and deputy Governor, then Governor and Vice President and now President. Does that show you anything about working hard to get where he is or just shear luck. Where is your money?

It is because of you I have hookers aka prostitutes in front of my house parading the nightclubs in my hood at night. The same girls I know as university students at U.I. It is because of you 2 brothers and an okada operator fell off a bike last week in Ibadan on their way to a part time roofing job while school is out when a truck ran over them and killed them.

Take a look at the ASUU logo up top. The Associated Students of University of Utah in America. Students UNITING! Doesn’t that just sound good to the ears? Where are your voices? Oh I forgot, I’m an empty barrel and attention seeker right and I should be screaming loud for you? You need my noise now? Stop emailing me! Where are your peaceful protests in Aso Rock?

Oh yeah, u are afraid of the NPF and your pussy asses will be fired upon with military slugs. I made a recording last week fighting for you by doing an audio targeting GEJ. I still heard some of you cursing me out. GEJ is begging them now. Too little too late? In America they would all have been REPLACED by now.

Keep telling me “We are in Nigeria not USA”
You are in HELL! See the color of my hair? Fiery hell!!

You dumbasses have just lost a basic human right called EDUCATION. Malala took a bullet just to fight for education for her girl classmates and friends. In 1979 it happened to me too.

Ours was the secondary school fiasco and WAEC leak and at 14I left this country. You have no where to go. You are doomed unless you fight to take back your education. You are certified MUMUS for LIFE!

Pls yap me all you want. I have my own adult children in expensive schools in America and you cannot say it is your Nigerian money paying for that. They are not Nigerians, never been here and are getting their solid American education.

Get your lazyass parents to fight more for you. Today Nuhu Ribadu was the latest person to fight for you by talking to a DEAF President. 2015 is doomed for Jonathan and you will all bastards if you voted for him again. Wall Street Journal said the youth and social media powered his win.

Already his National conference fell apart Friday the 18th. Reps from Oyo, Ogun, Osun etc did not show up. How could u put a CONFAB dialogue in Akure instead of Ibadan?

Even Nigeria’s Got Talent is coming here to IBCity next week. GEJ and Nigerian College students got no talent.
#RIP to your collective Brains!!

Listen to my recording warning Jonathan not even begging him.

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  • ur jst as futile as ur point…
    U were practically headed nowhere
    what do u suggest we do…go look 4 weapons 2 fight d govt as it is witnessed in SYRIA…where precious lives of d youths, wch where supozd 2 b d leaders of 2mao hv bn wasted?…go thnk abt sthn gud 2 do wth ur hand rada dan write jibberish

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