Report emanating from Babcock University has it that, the school authorities has conclude plan to conduct drug test on all students as they resume the second semester of the 2012/2013 academic year.

This development is definitely not a palatable news to some Students of the above institution who indulge to such illicit act and it can also be describe as a detoxification of students taking drugs.

Liveschoolnews gathered that, the test will be part of the registration for the semester and it will be conducted on all students (male and female).

“This development is for the better of Students, drug taking is extremely egregious to their health” this was reveal by miss Glory Awugu, a students of Babcock University.

In our findings, it was discovered that students who tested positive to drugs such as marijuana and codiene last semester were suspended for 1 year from the school.

The School management has not stated what the punishment for testing positive will be this time.

Liveschoolnews are prodding all Students of Babcock University to stay clear from taking drugs

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