In windows you can open as many window as possible.

The window(s) refereed to here is not the operating system but the environment where the actual work can be carried out.


window basics 300x225

1. TITLE BAR:This is where the name of the current program is displayed. It has e buttons at extreme end namely minimize (-), maximize([]) and close (x). It also has an icon bar.

2. MENU BAR: This bar contain the commands that is use in carrying out specific tasks it includes, file, edit, view, insert, format etc. The menus varies from program to program.

3. TOOL BARS: This are the short commands of the menu bar. The tool bars include the standard tool bar, formatting tool bar, drawing tool bar etc.

4.WORKING AREA: The working is where the actual work is done. It’s where the blinker or cursor is found. The working area environment depend on the package in use.

5. STATUS BAR: This bar gives a detail summary of what is happening in the working area. It gives the of pages, lines etc, about the working area.

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