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(a) paul admonished all christian to obey or to be subjected to constituted or governing autthority. acording to paul.

– we must obey as law abiding citizens
-we must show resect for those in authority
-we are instituted by God for purpose of eace and stability
-rulers are not out against good work or conduct but against bad conduct
-commendation awaits us for good condcut and punishment for bad conduct

-good citizen should always maintain a clear conscience by pay tax and dues as at when due
-ay attention to all civic responsiblities
-shunning membership of secret cult


love: God cares for man and love him and does not want man to perish. hence, he sent his son jesus christ as the lamb that carries away the sins of mankind. the love of God therefore is stonger than just a feeling of affection.
God’s love for man is also manifested daily in our lives. he provides for repentance and gives usthe opportunity and freedom always to do that which is good

5 continues:
adultery: jesus teaches us that if a man commit adultery with the wife of his neighbor both the adulteress shall be put death, on that adultery, jesus also continues his teaching that if a man lies with his daughter-in-law, both of them shall be put to death, yhey have commited incest, their blood is upon them which means adultery is not accepted in jesus preaching to his people

last part of number 5
divorce: it means the legal ending of a marriage in a family or in another word, it is separation of a man and his wife.

According to jesus teaching, in mattew chapter 5, verse 22, in order to go straight to the point, jesus was talking about the verse thirty two, that jesus said on his wife. Saving the cause of fornication causeth her to commit adultery and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced commited adultery. Which means as a chil of God, we must do away from divorce

(1ai) In the second account of creation or Yahwist account of creation the main features was that man was created out of dust of the earth and after that breathed into his nostril and He gave man life and ask him to go into the world and multiply.

(1bi) Reproduction

(1bii) using the nature to his own advantage.

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