( i) D: used of female condom, E: Reproductive surgical operation ,F: male rubber ,G:female rubber , H: use of male condom
(ii)?(I)ureter,( II)Epidymis, (III) testis (iv:) pennis (v)oviduct (iv) minor tibiora (vii) vulva (viii) uterus (ix) ovary (x) funnel of oviduct
(iii)?(II) it stored sperm until matured (III) production of sperm (x) it serve as passenger for ova

(i)?Specimen A
(ii)?It has the largest number of organism.

A-?It is the primary producer
B-?It is the primary consumer
C-?It is the secondary consumer
D-?It is the tertiary consumer

(i)Pyramid of number (note draw a retanglar box on each specimen to form a pyramid and let the rectangle box join each other)
Specimen D
Specimen C
Specimen B
Specimen A

iic)(Note: draw a big triangle an divide then into four and label then C,A,B,D)

(i)?Marine habitat – water leaches

(ii) Rain forest- Greenplant
– Snake

(1e) the population of the D will decrease if the population of a decreases because e it is the primary source of energy

i)?When the wind speed is higer
ii)?It brings about higher speed of wind
iii)?To determine rate of transpiration


4di)when E is adopted,the testis is removed permanently.

(4dii) E when used,it makes sterile fertile.
F-when used,man can still be productive.

(4c)advantages:It ensures non-pregnancy.
It makes mensuration flow normally.

(4c)disadvantages: If mistakely removed.

it can lead to unwanted pregnancy.
If not replaced as at when due,it can lead to irregular menses.

(4e)advantages: it makes no pregnancy prevent contraction of diseases eg.aids


DISADVATAGES:If not properly placed or leakage occurs,unwanted pregnancy may leads to contraction of infection if there is leakage.

(4eiii)it guard against infectious diseases.

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