(i) Richard constitution introduce regionalism
(ii) the north and south was brought togehter for federation
(iii) it introduced federalism
(iv) it introduce unofficial majority
(v) it introduce bilateral legislature
(vI) unity

(i) Financial problems- indequate funds is the major problems facing local government authorities, grants from both the federal an the state are tends to be inadequate.

(ii) Embezzlement- high rate of embezzlement and miss appropration of funds

(iii) shortage of trained personnel- Trained administrative technical and proffesional personnel render local government in effective and in efficient

(iv) Political interference- political interference from state government is one of the constant problems

(v) Bribbery and corruption- misused of power, wrong award of contract and thier execution all are caused by bribbery and corruption.

(vi) Lack of political Education- electorate lack political education that would raise their consiousness and awareness to enable them mount pressure on council

(1a) government as an institution of the state may be define as the machinery established by the state,manage it affairs and administer its functions and duties.

(i) law making- government is responsible for making laws in the country, laws are made to ensure peace and order in the society

(ii) Provision of social amenities- Amenities like electricity, pipe borne water, health center e.t.c are provide by the government.

(iiI) Maintainance of law and orders- the maintainance of law and orders is responsibility of the government

(iv) defence of the country- government is responsible for defending the country against external aggression

(v) provision of employment- Job is also provided for the citizen, it goes a long way in improving the warefare of the people.

(i) seperation of power: yoruba politicalo system has seperation of oweras it featuresjudiciary system

(ii) Army: there was an organized army led by Are-ona kakanfo.

(iii) the judiciary has judicial powee rested ijn ogbomoso

(iv) the executive comprrised, the baale or oba(king as the provincial governors

(v) Alaafin is the overall politticalo head which coulod be called president

(vi) the law making body is the oyo mesi which had seven members

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