The poem is about the dregs of the dregs of the society who are not always reckoned with when issues of social economic values are being considered by the establishment,though these people are relegated in all aspects of life,they do not consider themselves irrelevance&hopelessness.though they live under the bridges that dotted the city,sleep on cardboards on the hard concrete floor&battle with cold&mosquitoes,they do not begrudge the rich people who are lucky to sleep in warmth beds among loved one.

STRUCTURE:it is rendered in form of a confession to deny commonly held views.the beggars are the speaker in the peom,they know how hurtful their existence is but they are not asking for pity.

DICTION:it selected to reveal the feeling in the mind of people who are though to live a pitiable lives.Poetic devices~the poem is an enjambment I.e line runs together till the end of the poem

The poem is all about the soul on a mission the assignment from the creator of the soul is to to go and tell the world that their actions do not represent the intensions of the creators.

In the first stanza open up with the command to the soul,go, soul, the body\’s guest, upon a thankless arrant. The soul should also remeber to \”say to the court\”that it \”glows\”and shines like rotten wood.

The soul should also tell potentates (princesses) that they live/acting by others”meanining that they sit in such a position as to take decissions affecting several people, so should not be blas or seen favouring a fraction of the populace. eighth stanza begs to tell”zeal”love”and flies what they represent and lack in the material plane”that is”in the world .

Age in stanza nine has to do with time which also signifies nothing”as it wasteth”

1)The relationship between mr&mrs Brofusem in the play are: mr brofusem is a henpecked husband who has to submit to the authority of his wife I.e mrs brofusem always.mr brofusem likes the african values&culture but his wife forced him to speak english language not eat african food,not to wear the native dress,not to sing fanti song,not to yawn during their discussion,not to drink african wine because English people do not observe all these thing.

(1 continues)
The relationship is very cordial because mrs Brofusem rules her husband with iron hand especially in the matter of strict observance of european culture.”mr brofusem comments.”Then when I want now to speak my own language…….my wife compels me to speak to her always.”So she allow me to wear pyjamas&slippers in the house”and”I smoke ciger&spread the ashes about. Her speeches are full of grammatical mistakes&incorrect sentences mrs brofusem never mind again about .Kissing&rejects her husband calling her”DUCKIE”in the end,he embrances the african culture by putting on the native

SectionB (5)
the contribution of gwendolen&cecily to the development of the plot in the”the importance of being earnest written by oscar wilde is immensely thus; Gwendolen is lady bracknel’s daughter engaged to, or in love with jack he is clever&hates to discuss her rich background notwithstanding hence she choose to marry a man who has a humble background.she mixes up with people easily,when the controversy over ernest arises,she&cecily anatagonise each other&she begins to suspect cecily.Gwendolen remain obedient,unassuming&self composed.

Cecily is Mr thomas cardew’s daughter.it was her father who picked jack at the railway station many years back.later Thomas handed cecily to jack as her guardian. Cecily is a healthy girl who also has an inheritance amounting to so much.she quickly accepts him as her husband,she remains spotless&innocent.

(3)femi Osofisan”woman of Owu”a historical text portrays women of Owu at first as information officers.Through their
discussion,they gave detail of the ruin of Owu town as they discuss with their ancestral god,Anlugba.

They also act act as advisers,they advise Anlugbua.They point
to the ruins of the shrine where fugitives who ran into it for refuge were all slain.

They also reveal how
the soldiers became looters.

They confront Anlugbua to state his
wayabout especially during the distress period .They are also
mourners,who constantly lament
the ruin of their city.

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