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(1ai)-both plant and animals cells have nucleus-both are characterized by the presence of nuclei membrane-both of them have nucleuos. Diffences:

(1) animal: -it has small vacuole, it has no chloroplast-it has cell membrane

(2) it has large vacuole-it has the chloroplast-it hass cell wall

(1aiii) functions: transportation of digested food materials-distribution of dry gen round the body-it is used for body defence e.g white blood cells-transportation of hormones-use in the removal of excretory products

(2ai).Excretion is defined as the process by which waste products of metabolism are removed from the body of living things.

(2aii).the two reasons while excretion is necessary are: -the excreted product are harmfuk to the body and so much is been removed. -excretion helps to maintain water balance in the body.

(2b).the two sources of the following are : -carbonhydrate=glucose and yam -lipid =red oil and magarine. Protein:egg albumen and meat.

(bii)the function of each are -carbohydrate is energy saving food. -protein helps in replenishing the wornout tissues. Lipids=adds weight to the body

(2ci)five ways of conseving forest are: -esablishment of game or forest reseve. -establishment of zoological garden. -control of hunting to prevent extinction of some animals species. -prohibition of bush burning. -afforestation.

(2cii)-photosynthesis take place in plant while respiration take place in animalss. -photosynthesis needs sunlight and chlorophy before taking place while respiration does not need sunlight nor dichlorophyl to take place.

3a.i)-it provides foods for animals in an ecosystem. -some of the agricultural tress provide shelter for animals.

3a(ii).bush burning-this affects the fertility of the soil. -it results in poor production of food crops in an ecosystem.

3a(iii).fertilizer application=it helps to improve the quality of food produced during farming. -makes the soil to be good in farming. Use of pesticides:This helps to reduce pest in an ecosystem. -it also helps in improving food crop

(3b).ecological succession:is a long term gradual or progressive series of charges occuring in the structure,composition,variety or diversity and number of species in an area till a stable or climax community is established.

(bii).primary succession and secondary succession.

(3c)-voluntary actions is initiated in the brain while involuntary actions is initiated by muscles. -voluntary occurs consciously while involuntary occurs unconsciously.

-voluntary is neither automatic nor fast while involuntary is automatic and fast. -voluntary is unborn while involuntary can be learnt.

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