1ai rat.

B) earthworm.

C) spider.

d snail.

E. Weevil

1aiii) mammalia.

B. Annelida.

c. Arachnida.

D. Mollusca.

1aiv) it has hairs.

B. It has chitellum.

C. It has eight legs.

D. It has a mouth part modified for boring .

1bi) = it has eight legs.

wings absent.

= the body is divided into two parts.

=the phylum is arachinda

2ai.obser) no visible reaction.


Starch absent.


yellow precipitate is obsvered .


sucrose present. Obser

red precipitate occur.

Infer protain is present

2aii) R= Benedict solution *s = iodine reagent .T millon’s reagent

2bi) egg albumen.

2bii) glucose solution.

2biii) sucrose solution.

3ai) M-Dry pod of barbados, N-guava fruit,O-orange fruit, ,P-mango,Q-dry okro fruit

3bi) O: many seeds, fused pericarp. P: only one seed, separated pericarp.

3bii)it is portioned, it is capsule.

3biv)it is used as a source of food.

3ai) N – guava fruit

O – orange fruit

P – mango fruit

Q – dry okoro fruit

3aii) M – By man

N – By bird

O – By flood

P – By man

Q – By wind


NAME) J= molar tooth.

(J REASON) it has broad surface.

(K.NAME)= Incissors.

(K.REASON) =it is chisel-like in struture.

(L.NAME)= Canin e.

(L.REASON)= it is conical.

2cii) J=for chewing and grinding of food.

K= for cutting of food.

L= for tearing of food.

2ciii)(spacismen L) = canine.

2civ) diastema.

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