(5b) lack of modern equipment to reduce the physical human labour in order to increase production

the local craft industries are often affected by lack of raw materials which hinders the production

poor patronage from the indigenes as a result of poor finishing and low purchasing power

(5c) provision of modern equipment to facilitates the industries

-provison of raw materials

-awareness and advertisement should be made

(8a)-presence of rivers like river nile in Egypt and sudan and Niger in west Africa.

-pressure of fertile alluvial soils(or plain)

-incidence of low rainfall or unreliable rainfall

-resourcefulness of the people

-the need to control flooding

(8b)-growth of water weed

-collapse of dams



-millet -cotton -maize -wheat

(6b)the region is found in the north

-western part of Nigeria. Physical settings:

1.relief:lowland of about 100-300m. the land is flat and undulating.

2. Drainage: the sokoto plain drained by sokoto rima and zamfara rivers which take their sources from the north central highland.

3. climate and vegetation: the climate of this region is mainly tropical continent.

Population: it has a dispersed settlement except in sokoto town which is nucleated , the region has a moderate population density of between 20-50 persons.

Resources and ecomomic activities: mining which is due to the presence of mineralresources like limestone

-pastoral activites which is due to the presence of grases

-farming activities with the aid of irrigation.

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