51-60= E (52=99yr) BDCEEDEC


(1a).Account of the call of abraham:abram who later became abraham lived in haran with his family at the age of seventy five years,God asked him to leave haran with his family to a land he would show him”go from your country and kindred and from your fathers house to the land i will show you.Then God promised to make abram a great nation,bless him and make his name great so that he would be a blessing to others. God also went further and promised that he will bless those that bless abram and course those that course him and by him all the families of the earth would be blessed.

Abram faithfully obeyed Gods commandments and went with his family to posses the hand of canaan.

At shechem appeared to abram and showed him the land of canaan and abram built an altar for the lord

(1b) –prohesy-revelation-dream-talents

(4a) call of Mathew by jesus Christ. As jesus was wting by the sea of galilee, he saw two brothers, simon and Andrew, who wre fishermen. Jesus Christ call them and they obeyed and followed jesus immediately. As they went on, jesus saw two other brothers, james and john with their father, Zebedee. Jesus called them also. They obeyed, left their father and followed.

On another day, jesus was passing by the tax office and saw a tax collector, by name Mathew levi.

Jesus told him “follow me” and mathhew rose and followed him. Later they arrived in matthew’s house.

There jesus sat at the table with matthew and other tax collectors and sinners.

The pharises were surprised to see jesus eating with tax collectors and sinners and questioned Jesus disciples why their master was eating with such people.

Jesus replied, “ those who are well have no need of a physician but for those who are sick.

Go and learn what this means. I desire mercy not sacrifice, for I came not to call the righteous but sinners”.

(4b) (1) Jesus made necessary arrangements for the continuation of his works of preaching and healing after his ascension into heaven. Today seminaries serve the same purposes.

(2) Peter, Andrew, james and john obeyed jesus, call and followed him just like Mathew. Those who have vocation to priesthood should obey God’s call.

(3) Practice self-denial and sacrificial attitudes to do God’s will-make material wealth for heaven consciousness

8(a) according to paul’s teaching, paul meant that man cannot attain righteousness of God by his own effort or by keeping the law,it is only by his grace which is the unmerited favour of God.

This grace can only be recieved by having strpng faith in jesus christ and his redemption he offeres to mankind at the cross through his blood.

When one is justified by faith, he is equally considered righteous.

(8b)1.peace with God.

2.free from eternal condermnations

3.the Holy spirit will dwell in him

4.he will rejoice in the midst of suffering

5.endurance which will produce good character

6.hope in God

(6a).saul was born in tarsus and trained in jewish law under gamaliel,a respected jewish lawyer and teacher.saul was a pharisee and a defender of judaism,he appeared in the forefront of those persecuting the church in jerusalem.

After the death of stephen,and the great persecution of the church in jerusalem,which forced the disciples to scatter to different places.saul was still determined to met out further punishment to the high priest and jesus


He went to the high priest and demanded for the synagogues in damascus so as to eneable him to arrest the disciples.

After collecting the letter he moved to damascus while he was approaching the city a lightening from heaven flashed him he felled to the ground and heard a voice saying”saul saul why are you persecuting me”.saul responded and asked who are you lord?

The voice said i am jesus who you are persecuting,then jesus directed paul to wake up and enter the city where he will be told what to do.

those who went with saul was amazed for they heard the voice but saw no one.saul stayed in the city for three days without sight,food nor drink and the lord appear to ananias and directed him to the street called straight ananias went and placed his hand an saul he regained his sight and joined the disciples.

(6b).the three significant are: -God is worshiped in the truth and in spirit not in ceremonial and customary observance like circumssion.

-God shows no partialty and does not discuminate among his children.

-conversion of saul hed to the growth of the church

(7a).Jesus describes himself as the vine,his father as the vine dresser and his disciples as the branches.

This means that the mission of jesus and his disciples was the responsibility of fruit bearing any branch of jesus that bore fruit would be pruned down by his father God so that it would bear more fruits.

Every branche which did not abide in him and bear fruit would be condem by his father and cast into fire.

And jesus went further to say that the faithfullness of the believersis determined by their obedience to the teaching of christ and as a true believer,we must put into practice the teachings of christ which we have recieved for God to be glorified in our lives.

The unbeliever will be condemnd and cast into fire.

(7b).the two significants are: -Jesus as the lamb of God implies that he would shed his blood innocently on the cross as means of an atonement. -Jesus as the light points to the fact that the knowledge of God,and the way to salvation,are revealed through him.

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