= dial *499*3*2# for#100/day {daily plan}

= dial *499*3*1# for#500/week {weeklyplan}

=dial *499*3# for#1,500/month {monthly plan}

Etisalat BB Social

= dial *499*2*2# for#100/day {daily plan}

=dial *499*2*1# for#400/week {weeklyplan}

= dial *499*2# for#1300/month {monthly plan}

NOTE: PLEASE Ensure you have sufficient airtime before dialing the subscription codes for the Etisalat blackberry plan you want to subscribe to.

Features of Etisalat BB Complete Plan

= Blackberry Messenger {BBM},

=Internet browsing,One web-based email {yahoo,gmail,MS N},

=Blackberry email

=Social Networks,

=Instant Messaging &

=Blackberry App world.

Features of Etisalat BB Social Plan

= BBM,

= Internet browsing,

=1 Blackberry email,

=Social Network &

= Blackberry App world.

=No web based mail & No instant messaging

Differences between Etisalat Complete plan and Etisalat Social plan

=No web based mail and No instant messaging if you subscribe to Etisalat BBSocial.

How To Deactivate Etisalat Blackberry Plan

To deactivate any of your plans, dial*399*2# from your Blackberry device and wait for the confirmation of your status.

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