A non confirm Information reaching mondaytech desk has it that FUNAAB is most likely to set an average of Cut-off Mark of 50% and above for the 2012/2013 Admission List and Engineering is expected to be as high as 60% and above.

Mondaytech will keep you posted once more information has been gathered.

Meanwhile, this is how to calculate your composite score:

1) multiply your post utme score by 0.3

2) divide your utme score by 8

3) select 5 subjects that are the core subjects for your course and grade them this way, A1-6points, B2-5points, B3-4points, C4-3points, C5-2points, C6-1point while D7-F9 = 0.

Add the waec grades and multiply it by 2/3……

Hence, add your score in no. 1,2 nd 3 together, that’s ur composite score.


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