May the Almighty bless you all! Eternal God, we put our faces on the ground before you today as we beg you to forgive our sins, even though, we black people,haven’t sinned.

I’m saying this because we are not the oneswho killed your only son Jesus Christ, white people did!

As you know even better than we do, he was betrayed by a white man, they handed him over to another white man who ordered him to be whipped!

Moreover, these same white people ordered him to be crucified! The traitor was called Judas Iscariot.

You can check this out, we don’t have names like Iscariot here in Nigeria, we are called: Ikenna, Emem, Yakubu, Achebe, Odige, Ada, Sade, Sola,Halima, Idara, Chidi, Hassana,Nana, Taiwo, Nnamdi, Shehu, Osaro, Funke, Chidera, Danjuma,Doyinsola, Aloaye, etc…

We have no clue where is the Golgotha (that’s the place where they crucified your beloved son), we just know how to go from Lagos to Kaduna to Abuja to Ibadan to Enugu to Maidugiri and come back.

We’ve never been to any of the holy cities in the Bible; therefore we can’t possibly be implicated in the crucifixion of our Lord.

If you don’t believe us, please watch the movie “The Passion of the Christ”, and you will see for yourself that no black person, let alone an African or a Nigerian took part to that sad event.

This is why we beg you, O Lord Almighty, please make black people rich at long last and let white people work for them for a change! Amen.

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