A 26- year-old man, Clement Chime, has been arrested by the police for allegedly chopped off the head of 65 years old woman,Mrs. Grace Nwachi.

The incident occurred at Ezi Ewa Enohia village, in Afikpo North Local Government Area of Ebonyi State.

man kills 65

The suspect , a 200 level student of Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic; told the detectives investigating him ; that he was ordered by members of his cult group to kill someone, as he had not done so since he joined the group.

The deceased was said to have gone to the farm that fateful day, to harvest cassava and instructed her two grandchildren to join her later.

While in the farm, she saw Chime and they exchanged greetings. But few minutes after, Chime allegedly brought out a macheteand cut off the woman’s head and hid it in a nearby bush.

Crimewatch was told how he quickly went to stream , had a bath before going home.

But when her grandchildren got to the farm, they saw her headless body and raised alarm, and later reported the matter to the villagers.

The victim’s first son, James, was said to have gone to the farm to confirm the incident,which prompted the community to raise a search party, that combed all the nooks and crannies of the bush, in search of the suspect.

After futile search for the alleged killer, the matter was brought before elders at the village square for deliberation.

Unfortunately for the suspect, news spread like wide fire that he was harassing some patients in a hospital very close to the village. Based on the information, the villagers went looking for him and later apprehended.

The elders were said to have interrogated him and he confessed committing the crime.

He was later handed over to policemen at Unwang police station, before his case was transferred to the StateCriminal Investigation Department (SCID)Abakaliki, Ebonyi State.

The suspect was also said to have confessed to the detectives that his cult group ordered him to kill somebody, since he had not donated blood to their bank since he joined the group.

“They assured me that all my problems would be solved, if I could kill somebody. I left Akwa Ibom for Ebonyi State, and I never knew the old woman was my neighbour,” he said.

The Ebonyi State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Adeola Adeniji said: “We are still suspecting that he wanted to use the head of the deceased for money rituals .”

culled from sun news

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