Your Jamb score carries 50%, hence your jamb score is divided by 8. Your O level carries 20%: It is calculated
using the 5 core subjects.


The total points is then mutiplied by 2/3.
Your Post utme score is multiplied by 0.3

Example: James had 202 in Jamb and his O level goes thus. Maths-B3, chemistry-C4, biology- B2, English-C5, physics-C6, economic-B3, geography-A1 and had 58% in the post utme.

To calculate his composite, this’ how it’s done.

Jamb score divided by 8 i.e

For the O level, only 5 subjects (math, english, chemistry, biology, and physics) are needed. There he has


Total gross points for O level=
4+2+3+5+1=15. This score is then
multiplied by 2/3 i.e 15 x 2/3=10.

His post utme score is multiplied by 0.3. I.e 58 x 0.3=17.4
Therefore, James composite is the sum of these 3 scores I.e Jamb+O’level+po­st utme. That is 25.25+10+17.4=5 ­2.65
Hence, James composite is 52.65

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We want to use this medium to inform the public that, Funaab does not have an official utme score but you will be update as soon as possible.

No Official CUT-OFF mark as well.

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