=Connect your Phone to your System Via Pc Suite or Bluetooth, after it has connect, then you have to Configure your Browser to Work with your Connection.


1. Open the Mozilla through the Icon on your System desktop

2. When it Opens Click on TOOLS then OPTION, then a Pop up jumps out,Locate NETWORK,then click on it and then you wil see SETTINGS, Click on it also and the Settings Interface will open:

you wil provided 3 Box,in which you are to choose

1. No Proxy= if ur Cheat dosnt require an Ip and Port

2. Auto Connect= If your cheat dosnt require ip and port Manual

3. Configuration= you will need to provide the IP in the HTTP Proxy and Port in the Port Box Use as Your IP and 8080 as Port then Tick the Use this Proxy for all Prot.

THEN CLICK ON OK and Start Browsing.


1. Open the Opera from your Desktop

2. After opening, click on TOOLS, then PREFERENCES, after Clicking on that a Box will show up, locate ADVANCED and click , after that locate and click on NETWORK, then PROXY SERVER.

3. Then tick the HTTP and HTTPS Box provided and input as your desire Ip and 8080 as Port, then click on Ok and Browse.


1. Open the Icon of Internet Explorer on your System desktop.

2. When it opens, click on TOOLS, then INTERNET OPTIONS, then another box opens, locate CONNECTIONS and click on SETTINGS then,

3. Leave Everything the way you see them, Just go to and tick the Option of USE A PROXY SERVER FOR THIS CONNECTION, then in the ADDRESS BOX input the Ip as and in the PORT input the Port as 8080, then tick the BYPASS PROXY SERVER FOR LOCAL ADDRESS.

Then click on Ok and Enjoy.

With This You are set to Browse on your Computer using your Phone as a Modem..

After that Connect with Your modem/ Phone via PC suict.

Firstly when You connect it mite not go, just connect and reconnect until its give a positive answer.

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