2go is a new chatting site on mobile phone that enable you to meet new friends from works, school or anywhere on air and chat with them from your phone with very little or no charges.


1* Enter www.2go.in 2* A form will come out to fill. 3* First you will be ask to select country e.g Nigeria then click on go 4* select home language e.g English then go they will now ask you to download then click on it. 5* you will be requested to enter your current phone number, do that and click on 2go you will see form like this download 2go for mobile phone

As soon as you fill the form as shown in page four, you will summit the form. You will be registered automatically and a confirmation message will appear with your password, you will be ask to select your phone model. Click on select phone model then Ok.

It will be downloaded inside one of your menu list(either in application or game)

Then you are free to start chatting.


To start chatting go to the application and click on 2go enter the chatt room and start chatting, add friends to your friend list and meet with different people

NOTE: Your phone should be able to browse and access the internet. it must be java compatible (i.e. your phone can run java applications and games) To downloaded 2GO on your phone Goto www.wap.2go.im

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