=>1. Open your opera 4, make sure it is a handler.

=>2.go to tools>settings>hanlermenu

=>3. -Mark use .jar1 to download .jar file,

-Mark use .jar1 to upload .jarfile

– Mark multi clipboard

=>4.click save

=>5. When you want to download any jar file go to tools and select download jar, select the path you want to download the file and your download wud begin.

Note: to upload jar files make sure you use your blueftp to rename the application to .jar1e.g opera.jar1, when you upload the file it would appearas .jar in the site you uploaded the file e.g opera.jarlet continue

=>6.after downloading the jar file with your opera, close the opera and open your blueftp.

==>7. Use your blueftp to rename the file from.jar1 to _jar e.g from opera.jar1 to opera_jarand close the blueftp

=>8. Locate the file and go to options on your phone and rename the file to .jar e.g rename it from opera_jar to opera.jar and dat all.


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