Most of us have heard of the cliché, “The Pen is Mightier than the Sword”. This literally means as quoted by Kumar “The man who holds the pen is a knowledgeable and learned man, and those who hold the sword become ineffective and unsuccessful. All respected well-known philosophers, writers, doctors, poets, engineers, and wise educated men were guided by the pen. Their names still live today even those who are no longer with us, because of their findings and doings. Had these people not chosen the pen, their respect in society would have gone down with them in their graves, as if they had never lived.”

How can the pen help you get better grades? I’m glad you asked. See the below article.

The Power Of Writing Things Down

One of my favorite tricks for improving many areas of my life is really simple: I write things down. This is a hugely powerful way to focus your attention, keep track of life, create a permanent record for the future, and much more.
If you think writing is a waste of time, read on for some great reasons to get in the habit of putting pen to paper on a regular basis.

The Act of Writing Helps Your Memory
Have you ever noticed that when you write a shopping list, you can remember almost all the items on it without glancing at it? Or when you have a bright idea and scribble it in your notebook, you can remember it all day? The very act of writing things down helps to get them lodged into your long-term, not short-term, memory.

Boost your memory by:
* Writing out your to-do list at the start of each day
* Recording ideas and thoughts as they occur to you
* Memorizing facts for tests by writing them out several times

A Musician does not write a song one time, but he repeats the lyrics of a song until he can sing or play it without hesitation. A Dancer practice (repeats) her dance moves over and over again until it is a natural motion when she performs. The same holds true in order to get better grades, you must develop a good habit of writing information from your lecture class and while you study. You will be amazed how much information you obtain during your next test. You can’t do it just one time. You must continue this habit every day and before you know it I guarantee your grades will improve.

We look forward to better grades!

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