Mondaytech team brings to you on how to installed and run S60V3 and S60V5 application on S60V2

DCS OS9 is a Symbian application built for the S60 platform which can enable you to run S60v3 or S60v5 applications on Symbian S60 and S60v2

Follow this step below…

1. Download the s60v3 or s60v5 application

2. Download DCS OS9

3. Install DCS 0S9 on your S60v2 or S60 Symbian phone, while installing, take note, you will be asked to select memory: Phone memory or memory card. Select (“memory card”) as the location of this application.

4. After installation, launch DCS OS9

5. Minimise the DCS OS9 application and find the S60v3/5 application(.sis,.sisx) you want to install on your S60v2 phone.

6. Install the S60v3/5 application on your S60/v2 phone and you are done. Start rocking.

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