Some of you who may have tried to check your result after 3 times of previous checks may have been confronted with this message: “You Have Exceeded Maximum Number of Checks.

Please purchase e-Facility Card to Print Your Result Slip”. It then ends up not providing a solution or alternative link to check your result. Yes, we understand that.

We just gathered that this”e-facility card” is not the same as other previous cards (those for printing result slips)and is therefore a new development by Jamb.

We were made to know that this development is entirely new and the cards are yet to be circulated nationwide. Even the portal or procedure for checkingresult if the 3 allowed times has reached is yet to be known as it is believed to be inscribed on the new card.

Candidates who are yet to know their results and are confronted with the above message are therefore advised to either; – Check public forums or facebook where they requested their results be checked, to see if someone else has helped you check your result.

You can also “google” your reg-number to search.

– Wait until the e-Facility Cards are available. When they are, you can purchase it and check your result.


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