We get so many enquiries from candidates asking for Jamb Result Upgrade; An act of boosting scores of candidates to a figure far above the required cut-off marks.

The truth is that it is Illegal, we don’t do it and so we don’t encourage it.

Apart from that, IT IS NOT POSSIBLE .

To further ease our curiosity, we conducted an interview with a Jamb Official on the above issue to ascertain if jamb result upgrade was actually being practiced,it was gathered that from the processes involved in marking scripts and the short time frame of release of result, upgrading jamb scores IS INDEED NOT POSSIBLE .

So many people come around the internet offering such services to candidates, as you will begin to notice during these few days. The fact is that THEY ARE SCAMMERS.

We are therefore sounding this as note of warning that you should not heed to anyone who talks of Upgrading your Jamb Result because this is not possible. They will end up taking your money, cooking up something that looks like the original Jamb Result and disappoint you in the end, adding to your frustration.

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