Newly crack MTN DNS tweak, too good. No much talk, just drop your testimony.

JAVA USERS visit and create a prov, Choose DNS prov as prov type

Name: MTNloaded


=Primary DNS: use any of:-,=

= Secondary DNS use any of:-,=,=

= IP Address:|

Port: 8080



= Primary DNS: use any of:,=,=

= Secondary DNS use:,=,=

= IP Address:||

Port: 8080

NOTE:- Just Open any Application on your Phone and Start browsing, No Custom Server or anything needed!

FOR PC USERS create a new profile in your modem App with this.


= Primary DNS: use:-, =,=

= Secondary DNS use:,=,=

Goto your moziila and put this in your proxy settings with HTTP Proxy or IP:-|

Port:- 8080

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