(i) Give one example of.

(a)carnivorous animal.

(b)insectivorous animal

(ii)wat is d ultimate source of energy in the biosphere

(iii)list 3 conservable of natural resources

(iv)state 2 ways by which water could be poluted

(v)define the folowin ecological terms.



(vi)name d protozoan dat causes malaria

(vii) name one plant in d class of bryophyta

(viii)what is imcomplete metamorphosis

(ix)state 2 functions of d mammalian skin

(x)list 4 excretory product inplant.

.(xi)list 4 instrument commonly used to measure d rate of transpiration in plant

(xii)state d dental formula of a dog

(xiii)what name is given to d largest artery in man

(xiv) name d type of germination in .

(a)cowpea seed

(b)maize grain

(xv)where does absorption of digested food take place in man


(1)a,identify specimen A,B and C without reason

(b) where is each specimen found

(c) state one economic importance of each specimen

(d) drawn and labbeled fully d dorsal view of specime B(6to8cm long)

(2) identify specime D, E and F without reason

(b)to wat classes of fruit does each of specimen E and F belong

(c)state one agent of disperser of each of specime D,E and F

(d)state two observable differences betwen d internal feature of sp E and F

(3)a identify specinme G,H.i and J without reason

(b)Name one habitant each of specimen G,H,i and J

(c) what type of skeletor is present in specimen I and J

(d) state one economic importantof specimen H

(4) a differentiate b/w monohybride and dihybride crop

(b)define d followin ecological term


(ii) tropic level


(c) aterrestrial envirönment aboes d followin organism,snake,green grass,toad and grasshoper

(i) cönstruct a simple food chain makin use of d animals above

(ii) what is d ecological implication of killin all available snake in d envirönment.


(1) i (a) fish

(b) bladderwort


(iii) dangerous depletion of non-renewable resourses, renewable resourses being used up faster than they can be formed, pollution of environment.

(iv) crude oil and agriculture wastes

(v) a. community:- Is made up of all the populations of living organisms that exist together in a habitat .

b. Ecosystem:- Is a basic function unit of nature. it is made up of living environment.

(vi) plasmodium sp.


(viii) incomplete metamorphosis – Is the gradual growth and development during an insect life cycle.

(ix) Temperature control and sensitivity

(x) carbondioxide, oxygen, water, tannins.

(xi) Potometer

(xii) dental formular of a dog

(xiii) oxygenated blood

(xiv)a. compea seed — epigeal germination b. maize grain —- hypogeal germination

(xv) mouth

(2) a. Specimen A-

Earthworm B-


C- SoldierTermite b.

Specimen A

In damp soil, mud and moist soil B- In dark corners, cupboards, dirty toilet C- In plants c.

Specimen A–It burrows the soil to make it easy from growth of roots.

B– Destroys books, clothes, and food.

C– Destructions of crops/ plants.

d. Draw a dorsal view of specimen B


A Specimen D- Bean Seed Specimen

E- Coconut Fruit Specimen F- Mango Fruit.

b] Class of Fruit

E- Aggregate,

F- Drupe, c] Agent of dispersal,

D- Explosive mechanism


E- Water,

F- Animal. d]

SPECIMEN E=> i]Presence of Embryo,

ii]Absence of Seed.

Specimen F=>

i]Absence of Embryo,

ii]Presence of seed.

4]Specimen G- Spisogyra,

H- Garden Snail,

I- Crayfish

J- Tilapia fish

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