Information reaching mondaytechzone news desk has it that, a total 33,614 candidates have passed the National Business and Technical Examination Board (NABTEB) examination held in May/June across the country.

Olatunde Aworanti, the registrar andchief executive of NABTEB, made thisknown to mondaytechzone correspondent, when he officially released the results on Wednesday in Benin.

Aworanti said 143,755 candidates sat for the examination this year as against 109,416 candidates in 2011, adding that 28,951 of the candidateswere certified as craftsmen.

He said the 33,614 candidates, representing 23.4 percent, had five credits including English Language and Mathematics, while a total of 59,100 candidates, representing 41.1percent had five credits and above but with only English or Mathematics.

The registrar said that the examination was conducted in 1,750 schools as against 1,306 schools/ centres in 2011.

“As much as we appreciate the increase in the enrolment of candidates, the recorded figure of 143,755 is still much below expectation in meeting the socio-economic aspiration of this nation.

“For our nation to be first among equals in technology development, vocational activities at the early stage of education should be seen asa strategy for catching them young,” he said.

According to Aworanti, techno-entrepreneurship syndrome should be a
national slogan in this era of knowledge explosion.

“The quest for knowledge in technology and entrepreneurship development is meant to make both Nigerian adults and children to be highly skilful and self reliant.”

Mondaytechzone congratulate all those who passed the exam.

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  • To all my dependable candidates…I pray we gonna make it. (Insha Allah)”So you don’t have to panic” My God is in control…..Allah pass them just have trust in God….

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