The National Business and Technical Examination Board (NABTEB) has released her 2011 Nov/Dec GCE results.

Candidates who have been anticipating this release can now check their results online after purchasing the appropriate checking scratch cards from Nabteb Outlets Nationwide .

Once you have purchased your scratch card and you’re now ready to check your result, simply visit the official checking portal by clicking here . On the page that loads up,follow these steps;

1. Enter your Candidatate Identification Number e.g. 45382748

2. Select the Type of Examination 3. Select your Examination Year e.g. 2011

4. Enter the Card Serial Number found on the reverse side of your Scratch card. The Card Serial Number has an alphabet prefix followed by digits e.g. N123456789

5. Enter the 12-digit Personal Identification Number (PIN) on your Scratch card eg. 012345678912 6. Click Submit and wait for the results window to come up It is extremely advisable to perform the above procedures using a Computer System, Not your mobile phone If you have a functionale mail address, select the box that says “Send Results to E-mail” and enter the email address in the box below. Once you submit, a copy of your result will be sent to your email.



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