This is to inform the general public that the Management of the Obafemi Awolowo University , Ile-Ife has released its 2012/2013 academic session calender.

OAU Calendar for 2012/ 2013 Academic Session:

*March 2, 2013- Online Registration for Courses
( Harmattan Semester ) Commences

*March 3, 2013- Fresh Students come into Residence

*March 4-8, 2013- Clearance at Faculty and Admission Offices

*March 11-15, 2013- Orientation for Fresh Students

*March 17, 2013- Returning Students come into Residence

*March 18, 2013- Lectures commence
April 8, 2013- End of Normal Registration.

*April 21, 2013- End of Late Registration with Penalty.

*April 24, 2013- Matriculation

*May 31, 2013-Harmattan Semester Lectures end

*June 2-8, 2013-Lecture Free Week

*June 10, 2013-Harmattan Semester Examinations Begin

*June 29, 2013-Harmattan Semester Examination End

*July 13, 2013-Online Registration for Courses (Rain
Semester) Commences:

*July 21, 2013- All Students come into Residence

*July 22, 2013- Lectures Commence

*August 24, 2013-End of Normal Registration

*September 7, 2013- End of Late Registration with Penalty.

*October 5, 2013- Rain Semester Lectures End

*October 7-12, 2013-Lecture Free Week

*October 14, 2013- Rain Semester Examinations Begin

*November 5, 2013-Rain Semester Examinations End

*December 8, 2013- End of 2012/ 2013 Academic Session

*December 11-14, 2013-Convocation

*January 5, 2014- Harmattan Semester Begins.

Liveschoolnews wish all prospective Students of the Obafemi Awolowo University a stress-free academic session.

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