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Patrons of Opera mini browser will love this article, as they will get to know cute little productive secret codes which they can use in their opera mini.

These secret codes are quite handy especially for those who do web browsing and would like to inspect site elements which would range from web page source code to management of browser stored cookies.

Opera mini is by far themost downloaded, most used and most loved mobile browser from among the league of different mobile phone based browsers.

It availability for almost every other mobile phone operating system makes it the universal browser choice for everybody. Its pioneer efforts in compression of data, increasing of browsing speed, faster and easier loading of web page has already made it the favorite browser for majority of mobile internet users. Giving away secret hidden codes makes it quite an exciting not only for us i.e. technology enthusiastsbut also for the regular opera mini browser user.

These codes are to be used in the address bar of Opera Mini.

Make sure that you delete http:// or http://www from the address bar before applying the following listed codes.

config: If you are interested in knowing the configuration of your mobile phone browser,its capabilities and default settings then you can try the code config: in the address bar. The code will open up an internal page of opera mini called Opera Mini\\\’s Power User Settings page where you can tweak many browser settings like the timeout and whether the browser should make phone numbers click-able.

This is quite handy as you might need to change the timeout wait time set by default.

server:source Web developers will appreciate server:source which displays the source code of the current page. That way you canmake out the entire html construction codeof the site you are visiting. Its quite a handy tool when you have to view and edit your own sites html code setup.


Not exactly editable but it lets you know how much memory thecached content is chewing up in your mobile phone.

This code can be your answer to your curiosity of opera mini slower loading. If the cached content is too much, you can always delete it and make the browser load faster.


Most of us know that Opera Mini utilizes a proxy server technology to compress web pages for faster and better site loading. Opera Minidoes this in order to minimize amount of data transfer and makethe content load faster on the phone.

Usage ofthis code allows display of information about the Opera Mini server.


It Displays a page listing many Opera mini server and client properties. The Host: field tells you which Opera Mini server you are currently connected to. The known locations of servers are US, Poland, Iceland, Norway, South Africa etc. The server location is usually camouflages by an alphabetic notation.

Servers between r02-12are usually in the US. Incertain cases the r may be replaced with t,v,z etc.


Opera mini is known to load feeds in a very mobile friendly format,using this secret code you will be able to conveniently navigate to the Feeds page


This secret code displays copyright and license information for third party software used in the browser. Its not so much importantbut if you are only curious then there is no harm in simply trying it.


A secret code of far more convenience. This clears all cookies stored in your locale thus safeguards you from being tracked by any analytics program.


You may not want to use this code as there is an easier way to reload the current browser page in opera mini, yet still, just for you can test this code and see if it refreshes the current page on your opera mini browser.

The O code listings:

o:, (Alphabetic O then : then ,) Opens the page To add a search engineto the list of already present o:.

Usage of this code opens a blank screen showing two options i.e. Yes and No. Press Yes to search text in the web page (The Findin Page function). [p]o:/

Opens the page To add a search engine o:! Opens the page of To clear cookies[/p] o:$ Shows the page Failed to connect to the internet o:~ Shows blank screen with yes/no option. o:d Opens the page to Add a bookmark o:h Opens the page of About Opera o:m Opens the page of Search engines to manage (edit/delete/add) o:A Goes to the start page (Opera Mini 4.n only) o:Z Goes to your bookmarks (Opera Mini4.n only) o: Hangs Opera Mini, so do not try this one, at-least not on your own cell phone.

There are possibly more secret codes out there which one can use in their opera mini.I sincerely hope that there is none which would cause irreparable damage to the browser framework.

If we are able to find more opera mini secret codes then we sure willpost it here. Till then enjoy the above codes.

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