Just follow this step below and browse with just N100(hundred naria) on PC with Etisalat for good one month.

=>1. Load N100 naira on your etisalt sim.

=>2. Dial *499*2*2#, Note that, the money will be deducted and you will receive a message concerning a BB subscrition for 30 minutes. Don’t mind.

=>3. Remove the sim and insert it in your modem.

=>4. Plug the modem to your pc, Allow the Modem software to load.

When loaded, Go to Tool and select Options, then click on Profile Management.

=>5. On the Profile Name, write etisalatBB, and tick static and in the APN box type blackberry.net and in the access number type *99# and click on save and ok.

=>6. Go to your Mozilla or Google Chrome Browser and Locate Tools, Click Options.

=>7. Click on Advanced=Network = Settings = Manual Proxy Configuration, Use this In the HTTP Proxy: and in the Port:8080. Then thick on use this proxy for all protocols.

That’s it, start browsing with your PC For good one month, ENJOY!

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