At first there was lethargy, then curiosity and finally pandemonium as a student of Imo State University who was celebrating with final year students  who wrote their last papers yesterday, Tuesday 25th November, 2014 lost his life in the process.

The student is said to be among those who were catching fun by pouring assorted mixture of liquids on final year students .

According to eyewitness account the young man who was a tenant in Blackberry Hostel, Bishop’s Court, was partaking in the pouring of water and other liquids and the running about that was part of it. The deceased is said to have fallen into a ditch and by the time he was brought out he had died.


 Speaking exclusively to grapevine, Dr Frank who resides in the same hostel as the deceased (Blackberry hostel, Bishop’s Court) said:
” We were celebrating our final year students by pouring them water, so as we were running around he fell inside a pit full of dirty water (sewage) but didn’t cover his head because is a small hole but (because) he was asthmatic before we could draw him out he was dead already”.

Dr Frank  also made it known that the corpse of the deceased whose name he said was Chisom also known as “Afor Ukwa” was yesterday deposited at Aladimma mortuary from where it was taken to Ihiala, his home town.

Report has it that the dead student was still pursuing his BSc. and was not among the graduating students.

This unwholesome jubilation of final year students has been going on over the years and has degenerated to pouring of liquid substances inimical to human health. call on the Vice-Chancellors of universities to placed a total ban on all acts of this nature within the university community and warned that henceforth, offenders would be severely punished.

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