Nigeria Society of Bio-chemistry Students (NSBS), University of Nigeria, Nsukka on Friday, came out en mass to protest the deadly Ebola virus that has claimed over 900 lives in Guinea, Liberia, Sierra Leone and Nigeria.
*Biochemistry students of UNN staging an awareness campaign on Ebola viru

This came after it was reported that 21 persons have been suspected of being infected with the deadly virus in Enugu by a nurse who had contact with the Liberian, Patrick Sawyer who brought the disease to Nigeria.

The rally was staged to sensitize and create awareness about the deadly virus and to do everything to stop the virus from spreading. The students protested round the school, going from one faculty to another, with placards conveying different messages which include, Ebola is real; Please stay alive. Prevent Ebola. Kick Ebola out of Nigeria. Kick Ebola out of Africa!”

In addition to this, NSBS also invited the students and staff of the university to a lecture which included talk on Ebola virus and malaria. The Department of Biochemistry also volunteered to carry out free HIV, malaria, typhoid, sugar level, blood group and genotype tests on people. There was also administration of Grade A drugs and distribution of mosquito nets.

In an interview with a cross section of the demonstrators who bared their minds on the deadly virus, Anene Collins, a final year student and the outgoing president of the association said the campaign was as a result of the recent ebola disease epidemic in the society. He said: β€œThis is a virus that can kill millions of people and it’s good we know what to do, how to do it and where to start from.”

He further said the students of the association took it upon themselves to have this rally in order to sensitize Nigerians so that the dignity of man will be restored.
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