Just imagine what this shameless man did to his lovely wife who is currently at a particular new generation bank on the Island by sleeping with their maid and blame his wife for absence.

A female staff of the bank came in yesterday (Thursday) all sweaty, sad and completely weighed down.

Initially her friend thought that her disheveled look was due to the traffic she faced while coming to work and thought that she would get over it after getting a rest before resumption of office duties.

By 1p.m it was even worse as the said lady kept on crying, vomiting and complaining of headache and stomach pain.

With much inquiries and persuasion from her close colleagues, she bursted out in tears and said”he has impregnated her”.

This sent confusion to her colleagues who were consoling her but with further findings, it was learnt madam’s husband has impregnated their 20years old maid (house girl).

The lady was sober because she claimed her husband threw the whole fault on her saying his actions were as a result of are not being home always and neglected him to concentrate on her banking career.

Saddest part of the story is due to the bank’s policy, she can’t get pregnant until after 2years of confirmation.

She has only been confirmed 9months ago and only got married 11months (exactly a year next month).

My esteem viewer what is the best advice for both the man and woman?

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  • Truely,d falt falls on d woman but dt doz nat justify d man’s action….D did has already been done,nw all they need do z luk 4 a way 4wrd…1st she should quit dt job cus it would only cus more harm,d policy whch dt bank operates wid doz nat suit a married couple….2nd they should cater 4 d already pregnant girl,but dt should b done outside their home i.e gting her a place of her own and wen she z delivered of d child they should send her bck to her parents properly….3rdly,d man should acknowledge his own falt n apologize 2 d wife….Lastly,d wife should learn 4rm her mistake and pay more attention 2 their marriage and d husband should also learn 2 open up 2 d wife on hw he feels abt tinz dt concern them and their marriage bcus communication is d bond dt holds any relationship 2geda+they should hand evrytin ova 2 God in prayer….I WISH U GODS BLESSING IN UR MARRIAGE,TANKS N GOD BLESS.

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