=STEP 1, download pd proxy 2.1.9.zip

=STEP 2 ,visit pdproxy.com and create as many user account (maybe 11 user accounts) after that,,

=STEP 3: create as many administration users on your laptop.

go to control panel–users accounts and family safety—add or remove user accounts- add a user accounts (for windows7 or vista user) after that

=STEP 4, put ur downloaded pd proxy2.1.9.zip in a flash drive,

=STEP 5, log of from your current window and log in to the next created windows user ,connect your flash drive into your laptop, extract a fresh pd proxy to the desktop of your current window

you can now open the pd proxy from the desktop and put your fresh created pd-proxy username

you can repeat this(step 5) to the remaining windows user.

Remember to use a newly created pd proxy username to the new windows user,

=STEP 6,whenever you exhaust your 100mb on each windows, simply log off and log into a new windows that contain a fresh pdproxy username


100mb x 10 user accounts on 10 windows users x one laptop= 1gb a day without a premium user

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