The Federal Government yesterday suspended four professional courses offered by the University of Abuja due to inadequate facilities,poor labs and accreditation problems.

The courses that were suspended by the federal government are, medicine, Vet. MED, Engineering and Agriculture.

However, The news did not go down well by the student who went on a violent protest.

We learnt that due to the protest the management of UniABUJA have close down the school till further notice, and also ask all student to move out from hostel.

Speaking to our correspondent, miss Victoria Ascerta says.

” Why would dey suspend d courses after sum student ve spent 5yrs studying dis courses nw tell me wat’s is there fate dat’swhy we protested & d protest was peaceful no violence.

All we ar fighting 4 is our right… Adelabu d VC must be sacked yes dat’s wat we want.. ALUTA CONTINUA!

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