University of Abuja Senate at its extra ordinary meeting held yesterday Thursday 12th Feb 2014 considered adjustment to the 2014/2015 session academic year planner as it affects regular students.


~Lectures for 2014/15 session now ends on Sat 25th Feb 2015
Exams to commence Monday 2nd March 2015 and End on Wed25March 2015(3weeks)


~Lectures 2nd semester 2014/15 now commences 20thApril2015 ends Sat 1th Aug2015(15Weeks)

~2nd Semester Exams 2014/15 now commences on Mon 3rd Aug and end 29Aug2015

~2nd semester exams for SIWES students to be conducted Mon3rdAugust and ends Sat 8th August to enable them commence SIWES On Mon10th and ends 10 Nov 2015

~End of 2014/15 Session break to now be Mon31th Aug 2014 and Sunday 18th Oct 2015(7weeks)

•New Session 2015/2016 on Mon 19th Octomber 20

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