A beautiful 3rd year female student friend of mine just told me this true story of hers in university yesterday.

Before the ASUU strike she was having this palava with a male lecturer from the department of Law in Uniben, and it’s kinda hunting her cause when school resumes it’s still gonna come back in her face!

It was 3 weeks before ASUU strike, the lecturer asked her for s*x but she refused and also insulted the man right there in his office.

The lecturer called her back the next day and promised her that she won’t graduate from the school until she pays for a hotel where he gonna have s*x with her and after that she’s gonna pay him 50,000 naira!

In her words: “I thought he was joking,cause it sounded so funny”

But since then, whenever she(Amaka) writes his exam she fails woefully! She failed his exam 3 times before she decided to go confront him.

She got into his office and met other male lecturers in there, she wanted to go back but the man asked her to state her mission. She complained and asked other lecturers to tell him to stop failing her!

She was so surprised when the other lecturers called her a ‘fool’ and asked her to do what the main man asked.

According to her, She was lost at that moment. . .

She walked outta the office with anger and shame•••At the next exam, she hired a fifth year student from the same department to help her write the exam. She never knew this was her DOOM!

The guy got into the exam hall and started writing for Amaka in bliss TILL the lecturer began looking for her!

The lecturer knew how important the exam was to her and then he figured out that someone else must be sitting for her.

He walked around the hall looking for the impersonator, he later got to the guy’s sit and GBAM! Caught him shocked He asked the guy to stand up . . Nwa guy started begging the lecturer not to create a scene or report this.

The lecturer asked him to go call the girl back in the hall! He rushed out and got back with Amaka, Amaka and the guy were so scared at that moment. . The lecturer then asked the boy to tell Amaka to do what he(The lecturer) asked her to do unless he’s gonna report this to the school management which will end up expelling the two of them from the school!

Omo ehn, the guy knelt down and begged Amaka to please do whatever the lecturer has asked. . That his future lies in her hands cause he will be graduating this year crying…Amaka was so confused but she refused• luckily,the lecturer gave her a chance to go think about it. Amaka got back home to think about “it” until ASUU strike started.

The lecturer just called her on the phone yesterday about her decision. . She told him to wait till school resumes,Oga lecturer agreed.

After she cut the phone she broke down in tears, that’s when I walked in and saw her crying i pleaded with her 4 long before she narrated the story.

I gave her advice like “report it to the school na”… but she said if she does that, it’s still gonna be null cause she has no proof and it will look as if she wanna play him out plus the other lecturers will make sure she suffers!

What should she do?? I realy need safest solution 2 ensure her certificate and the impersonator too as she don’t want dis old man called lecturer.

Source: nairaland.

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