The 2012/2013 session registration exercise finally came to an end on Sunday, 23rd December, 2012. With this conclusion, it is expected that the names of all duly registered fresh students have been captured on the attached Dummy Matriculation Register.

It would therefore be appreciated if fresh students go through the Dummy and sign as an indication that they are on ground and confirm the accuracy of their details.

The details to be confirmed are:

1. Arrangement of names
2. All initials to be written in fullor struck out
3. Accurate spelling of names
4. Old matriculants to indicate their numbers where not indicated and irrespective of submission of the exemption form and:
5. Confirmation that names are captured for appropriate Programme(for those who have been moved once or several times)

Any candidate who fails to sign the dummy list would forfeit his/her admission.

While pleading that this memo be given the widest publicity, kindly return to Mr. M. O. Afuye, (Records Office) in the Directorate of Academic Support Services, the signed Dummy list NOT LATER THAN 3.30 p. m. on Wednesday, 9th January, 2013.

Thank you for your usual cooperation.

Mrs. F. M. Olowoleni


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